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As a versatile model, actor, and drama performer, I bring characters to life, captivating audiences and seamlessly integrating brand promotions. With a dedication to storytelling and authentic performances, I create lasting connections between audiences and the brands I represent, enhancing visibility and fostering loyalty.


As a ramp model, I specialize in showcasing fashion collections on the runway, delivering precise choreography, confident walking, and dynamic poses that bring the designer's vision to life. With professionalism and a strong runway presence, I create impactful and memorable fashion experiences.


As an actor, I specialize in bringing characters to life through authentic performances that captivate audiences. With dedication and versatility, I immerse myself in roles, evoking emotions and delivering impactful storytelling. From stage to screen, I create memorable experiences and connect deeply with viewers, leaving a lasting impression through my craft.

Product Promotion

As a model specializing in product promotion, I excel at showcasing brands and products, including Instagram promotion. With a strong visual presence and social media expertise, I create engaging experiences on Instagram that maximize brand exposure, drive awareness, and increase customer engagement.


As a singer, I bring captivating melodies and soulful performances to the stage. With my powerful vocals and emotional delivery, I create an immersive musical experience that resonates with audiences. Whether through heartfelt ballads or energetic performances, I strive to evoke emotions and leave a lasting impact with my singing. With a passion for music and a versatile voice, I aim to connect with listeners and inspire them through the power of song.

About Alizeh Shah


Hey everyone, it’s Alizeh Shah! I was born on June 9, 2000, in Karachi, Pakistan, and I’m a Pakistani actress and model.

Over the course of my career, I’ve had the privilege of working on several popular TV dramas, including “Jo Tu Chahey”, “Ehd-e-Wafa”, “Ishq Tamasha”, and “Babasi”, among others.

Aside from my career, I have a passion for singing and reading books. I love to sing and often post covers of my favorite songs on social media. Music has always been an important part of my life and I find it to be a great way to express myself creatively. When it comes to books


additional service

In the world of stardom, I offer Product Introduction, Social Media Sharing, live singing performances, brand promotions, public speaking, event appearances, endorsements, and brand ambassadorships. Let’s create entertainment magic together!

Live Singing Performances

Live Singing Performances

I deliver live performances that captivate audiences, I create unforgettable musical experiences.

Brand Promotions

Brand Promotions

Brands looking to enhance their visibility can partner with me for promotions by engaging content that resonates with my followers.

Product Introduction

Product Introduction

I can create video or live event where I introduce the new product to public Sharing key features, benefits, and why it's worth their attention.

Public Speaking and Event Appearances

Public Speaking and Event Appearances

Whether it's a motivational talk, industry insights, or sharing experiences, I add value to events and conferences.

Social Media Sharing

Social Media Sharing

Sharing of your new or old product personalized videos across my social media platforms, amplifying the reach and impact of the product launch.

Endorsements and Brand Ambassadorships

Companies for their brand can collaborate with me as brand ambassador. I align my persona with the brand's values, creating a mutually beneficial partnership.

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Muhabbat Ki Akhri Kahani

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-Paul Dano

“I think there was some thing in me at the Young age that was not worried about Success, but was worried about becoming a better Actor.”

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She is one of the best co-actress i worked with . Such a beautiful soul with positive Aura and very professional. She is very talented to work with and definitely in sha ALLAH about future anyday everyday bcoz she is so talented mashaALLAH . May ALLAH bless her more than she deserves.

hassan fareed khan
hassan fareed khan



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MOHABBAT KI AAKHRI KAHANI 20 September 2023 MOHABBAT KI AAKHRI KAHANI (ONLY ON EXPRESS) from 26-sep-23 8pm Mohabbat Ki Aakhri Kahani: A Unique Pakistani Drama Premiering on Express TV" Introduction: Get ready to embark on an emotional rollercoaster...

Alizeh Shah’s Enigmatic Journey Begins